Man Kiss! Man Kiss! Redux

In my previous entry about "Nuke," I accidentally posted the wrong video clip—one that showed the couple's first kiss, rather than their third and most recent. I have updated the entry, apologize for the journalistic error, and present to you now all three man-on-man kisses on As the World Turns in one handy dandy clip:

I must say that despite the cheese factor there's something quietly revolutionary about all this—and that last kiss (in a public place!) made me shed a quiet tear.


  1. their voices sound alike to me.

    are they straight boys in real life? a few of the kisses, umm, didn't ring true for me, but it's still way cool!

    ooops! daddy walked!

    have you ever looked on youtube at all the straight emo boys getting dared to kiss? something tells me you would like that stuff :)

  2. But what happens in the second one?? WHAT HAPPENS!

    ...Suspense...Go daytime TV, I'm impressed!

  3. my mom used to drive like a bat outta hell to get home to watch atwt and liamst on her lunch hour. she'd eat lunch on a tea tray, then drive back to work.

    my mamaw would watch it with her, and they'd discuss it over supper.

    i can imagine my mamaw, a strict irish catholic with a wicked sense of humour discussing this one:

    "oh, i can't believe it, now they've got he-shes on as the world turns. this should make joeray (my gay cousin) happy as a lark"

  4. I watched atwt for years and years, and feel proud that Lily's little song Luciano grew up trying to fall in love with people that resembled his handsome (occasionally evil) father Damian, rather than his perpetually good and confused mother.