Mission Semi-Accomplished

The Nick Lowe concert at the El Rey in Los Angeles was fantastic, of course, culminating in such a beautiful and sincere rendition of "(What's So Funny) 'Bout Peace, Love, and Understanding" that it actually made me weep.

I didn't meet Nick Lowe, but I did meet Loudon Wainwright III! Loudon, another musician that I greatly admire and that I've seen in concert a couple times, was just hanging out in the audience. I, of course, spent two hours figuring out my approach tactics (Prince Gomolvilas, cautious minor-celebrity stalker).

After a strange performance by opening act Robyn Hitchcock (who delivered long, rambling, bizarre, and sometimes hilarious monologues and who was prone to stopping in the middle of a song and wandering off stage to find the lyrics), I marched up to Loudon:

PRINCE: Are you Loudon Wainwright III?


PRINCE: I'm a huge fan of your music.

LOUDON: Oh, thank you.

PRINCE: I also recently finished watching all of Undeclared on DVD, and you were hilaaaaaaaaaarious.

Yes, I actually said "hilaaaaaaaaaarious."

If you've never seen Judd Apatow's short-lived Undeclared, it really is a charming and hilaaaaaaaaaarious series about a nerd who tries to shed his nerdiness in his first year at college. It features many of the same actors from Freaks and Geeks, as well as guest appearances by the likes of Will Ferrell and Ben Stiller. And the show's lead, Jay Baruchel, is so adorable that you wish he were a popsicle so you can lick him. Over and over. I love this show:

But wait. We're talking about Loudon Wainwright III's music here. How about "The Picture," a lovely song about siblings? It's from his fantastic 1992 album, History:


  1. Alls I know is "Good Ship Venus," and yes you are correct, hilaaaaarious.

  2. I love Undeclared, and am really captivated by most of Loudon's songs I've come across. "Daughter" especially from the end of Knocked Up, because I have two to sing it to.

    I used to dig Robyn Hitchcock, but he seems to just get weirder and weirder, not maybe in a good way. But I still like "My Wife and My Dead Wife" and pretty much all of the album Fegmania.

  3. LOVE loudon. my band covered his song about the 2000 computer switchover at a 2000 nye gig. it was the wordiest, longest thing i ever had to memorize, and we only did it at that one gig.

    did you know he was also on m*a*s*h?

  4. MASH?! Really?! The man's talent knows no bounds!

  5. i love his work.

    i also love rufus... and his cover of 'across the universe'.

    i wish to meet my hero... will june 13th never come?

  6. I like LWIII's "I wish I were a lesbian" -- that song is hilaaaaaarious.

  7. QUIN, we're working on exact date and location now, RIGHT NOW! :)

    CHESHIRE, IWIWAL is a fantastic song. ("Because gramatically....")

  8. I saw Nick Lowe and Loudon at Hardly Strictly in San Francisco this year and they were both great! Here's a link to some shots I took:



  9. Charlie, thanks for the link. Great photos! You captured Loudon's famous tongue! :)