No Flags. No Fun.

Posted by Prince Gomolvilas
ON Friday, April 25, 2008
Am I overly sensitive or are the new Six Flags' Magic Mountain commercials, which feature a disembodied Asian head screaming in a thick accent, just this side of offensive? Witness:

Let me know what you think:

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  1. It may or may not be just this side of offensive, but it's definitely just that side of annoying.


  2. jeff Said,

    Hmm, either way, it's better than watching that old guy dance to Vengaboys.


  3. Peter Varvel Said,

    I love it! As an American working in Japan, the commercials were often more entertaining than the actual programs, there.
    I thought the Six Flag's commercial did an accurate job of recreating that very specific style, and I applaud the fact that they cast an Asian American actor. I don't know if it would have 'read' the same with an a non-Asian actor.
    (and does it matter at all, as a viewer, that I am half Japanese?)


  4. michael_karo Said,

    i love asian head. err..heads.


  5. Cheryl Said,

    The guy's accent is played for comic effect (though not in the most predictable way, a la stereotypical "Japanese tourist" characters), so that does make it kind of offensive.

    But the actor is also kind of hot, which suggests (in the language of TV) that we're supposed to respect him.


  6. Anonymous Said,

    I agree with you, Prince. I found understood the floating Asian head to be playing up a sort of Anime caricature.

    But by using a real person instead of a cartoon the ad takes it from playing up the nod to Anime style (with movement and speech) to reducing an Asian actor to an Anime character. That's what bugs me about it, I think. That's they're turning a person into a cartoon.

    I know it's a freakin' Six Flags commercial and maybe I shouldn't think too deeply on it. But advertisements in this country play up stereotypes galore. I'm a little tired of it.


  7. Marisela Said,

    damn it! That anonymous was me!


  8. A. R. Tippin Said,

    Eh, I voted in the middle. I wasn't offended but I am also a middle class caucasian with no room to talk (unless we were talking about women or short people, then I've got it covered). But hey, it could've been worse, right? They could've had him say "Six Flag. More fun." or even worse, "Six Frag. More fun." Was that even offensive to suggest? Forgive me, I hate political correctness.


  9. You know, I'm just thinking about some little Asian boy in Oklahoma who's now getting teased every day by the other kids who scream "More flags! More fun!" with at thick accent at him and laughing. Poor kid. But that's me. I think about such things.


  10. Laura Said,

    i was actually AT st. louis six flags this weekend and I saw a picture of that on a flyer, but I just thought it was a cute Asian head. but the accent kind of makes me cringe. why did they have to use an Asian guy? did they think they were doing us (Asian) a favor by giving us some media time? I don't get it.


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