When I arrived in San Francisco last night (for various Bay Area activities that I will detail in subsequent posts), I discovered that I had left my garment bag in Los Angeles—which means I am missing all my Ben Sherman shirts and I only have enough T-shirts and such for like two days. So the rest of the week I have to either prance the streets of San Francisco in my jacket with nothing underneath (you know, like a crack whore) or go shopping.

You already know that shopping for clothes that fit me properly is a nightmare. And the awesome store I recently found (see photo) is unfortunately back in Los Angeles.

Why can't shopping be as fun as this delightful Barenaked Ladies song (I love the violins that come in during the pre-chorus!):


  1. "boy's pants half-off!"

    that's the reason i didn't recognize you at heim's reading, i probably thought you were a 14 year old boy! and as i was just in the city for the evening i had no time for...uhh..."mentoring".

    *note to self: go back and review prince's skin-care regimen post :)

  2. Speaking of shirtless....check out Yummy and hilarious!

  3. Ha, ha! Both of you are ridiculous! :)