"Smell Yo Dick" Redux

I first told you about Riskay and her brilliantly un-ironic song, "Smell Yo Dick," last year. Well, she and her crew have finally shot and released an amusingly earnest music video. The highlight is when she bleaches his clothes at 3:10. That girl knows how to seek revenge:

Please note that there is no dick-smelling in the video. That would be so trashy.

[Addendum: The video embedding feature is down, so click here to view the video.]


  1. Damn. I was hoping that she does smell his dick.


  2. Noel and CD, I know Riskay speaks for you. Own it! Own her!

  3. My thoughts:

    --What the HELL is that purple thing and those lacy underwear things and PURPLE TIGHTS?! REALLY?

    --Smell you dick

    --Sponsored by Apple I phone