Thankfully Short

Okay, so you all know my deep and bitter aversion to shorts programs at film festivals. In fact, in a previous post I stated:

Anybody who's ever been to a shorts program at a film festival knows that it's like subjecting yourself to self-inflicted bloodletting. Even if there's one short movie that blows you away, it doesn't make up for the inevitable heaps of crap you're bound to sit through.

While I stand by my manifesto, I would be remiss not to mention all the festivals that Laundromat, the short movie I'm in, got into. It just premiered a couple weekends ago at FilmOut San Diego, and it's now snaking its way around the country: the Miami Gay & Lesbian Film Festival on April 30, Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival on May 3, CINEMAROSA in Queens on May 18, and NewFest: The NY LGBT Film Festival some time in June.

I'll be at the L.A. screening—sitting far in the back, as close to the exit as possible, wearing running shoes for an easy escape. Don't tell anybody.

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