There Will Be Gay

High School Musical 3: Senior Year, which will be released theatrically on October 24, 2008, hasn't even begun filming yet, but that hasn't stopped Disney from already announcing that High School Musical 4 is already in the works. It's doubtful that the original cast will return for the fourth installment because there's only so much gayness that a Hollywood career can withstand before it begins to wither and die.

According to eFluxMedia, the third movie...

...will focus on Troy (Efron) and Gabriella (Hudgens), who are faced with the possibility of their romance withering away as they head off to different colleges.

Along with the other Wildcats, they will plan a musical that will reflect their experiences, hopes and fears regarding their future.

I'm taking bids now from blogs and news sites who want dibs on me guest posting an article titled "High School Musical 3: Gay Gay Gay Gay Gaaaaaaaaaay," which will surely rank up there with the hit count and controversy of my previous articles, "How Gay Is High School Musical?" and "High School Musical 2: Chock Full of Gay." I'm already anticipating the glorious flame war that this autumn will bring.

Tweens, don't flame this post! I love High School Musical as much as you do! I have the Zac Efron calendar to prove it!

[Thanks to Solia at Little Leah's Little Life for alerting me to this.]


  1. "grab the sand, rise up slowly- your head brings your body up, your eyes bring your body up..."

    Whether he's telling Mylie Cyrus why she still has to do a dance move she was dropped in the show before, or coaching Zac on his intense sandtrap posturing,Kenny Ortega is flawless.

  2. i wonder what zefron's going to say in 30 years when he watches that video. will he reflect on his own gayness, or the absurdity of the whole hsm franchise itself? THEY HAVE BARBIE DOLLS FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! haha.
    besides, you should be honored. i'm commenting on your blog instead of commenting on other people's blogs in my writing class. boo. that class takes all the joy out of blogging.