The Thing About Nuts and Berries

I assume that most of you are like me and full-frontal male nudity doesn't shock you or send you into fits of hysterical laughter. I mean, you and I watch so much man-porn that we are desensitized to guys flashing their nuts and berries. So when star Jason Segel exposes himself in his full glory in the opening moments of Forgetting Sarah Marshall, we're not going to find this particularly funny—especially since the media has made such a big deal about this scene, saying that it's "daring" and deeming it some kind of cinematic comic highlight. If this is the best the film has to offer, you think, it's going to be a looooong afternoon at the movies.

However, much to our surprise, this break-up comedy is indeed hilarious. In fact, one scene (involving a pig) is so damn funny that we start choking on our popcorn.

We did, of course, suspect that we would enjoy Forgetting Sarah Marshall. We loved Jason Segel's bumbling yet lovable drummer in Freaks and Geeks and his doting yet frighteningly unhinged copy shop worker in Undeclared. So when we discovered that he also wrote the screenplay (about a heartbroken composer who vacations in Hawaii to forget his ex), that was a good omen.

The real revelation in the movie, however, is Mila Kunis. She played the dim-witted (bordering on the annoying) Jackie on That '70s Show. As the hotel receptionist who helps to mend Segel's heart, she's charming, sharp, funny, and so damn likable that we feel like giving her presents.

There has been some discussion about whether or not Judd Apatow (who produced) and his disciples can write women characters as fully formed and sympathetic as their male counterparts, but we will leave that debate up to academics. It's hard to think about such things when we're choking on our popcorn.

We should give a quick shout out to the always reliable Paul Rudd, who ought to be in everything, and British actor Russell Brand, who's brilliant as Sarah Marshall's pompous new rocker boyfriend.


  1. I had big plans for seeing this right away on Friday. Didn't happen.

  2. Yeah, from all the advance press, I thought it was going to be a lot more than it was (the scene, not referring to the penis, heh). It seemed like it was mainly a lot of quick cuts, to the point where I found the editing to limit penis visibility was a distraction, as opposed to, say, Michael Pitt in the Dreamers, but then I think that was NC-17.

  3. I agree. Paul Rudd should be in everything!