Who ARE You People?!

I'm not a big fan of reducing people to cold, hard statistics, but I'm genuinely curious about the backgrounds of Bamboo Nation's readers. Will you please do me a favor and take the following poll to let me know what race you identify with? To get the most accurate stats possible, everybody must take this poll. I know most of you skip my polls (bastards!), but don't skip this one! This is an exact science!:


  1. Okay. question:

    I'm Malay. That means Im South East ASIAN, but I am not of the Oriental kind (Japs, Korean, Thai etc) so which do I tick?

    Asian OR Other?

  2. I'm Caucasian AND Native American, but I'm not involved in tribal activities or anything so...yeah, white guy.

  3. Malay is Asian!

    ...And where all my bruthas and sistahs at?!

  4. I am other.

    Did you know I have an Asian Aunt and cousins?