"24" Is Crack--So I Want My Crack Back!

I know that a handful of you, for some reason, rely on me exclusively for your 24 information (what?—you don't visit the 24 fan boards every day under the nickname AsianJackBauer to defend your wild theories about past seasons?), so I apologize for not reporting this earlier:

You probably already heard that because of the recent writers' strike Season Seven will be delayed for an entire year, not hitting small screens until January 2009. That's a 20-month hiatus, and the cruelest punishment ever bestowed upon an innocent man. However (Did you hear?! Did you hear?!), the new season will be preceded by a two-hour, stand-alone movie that will air November 23! Glory, glory, hallelujah!

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  1. The excitement is boiling! Believe it or not, but I do rely on my 24 news from you - the US gets everything before the UK, crack and 24. Do not spill the beans!