Back to the Drawing Board, Google

Posted by Prince Gomolvilas
ON Wednesday, May 07, 2008

As you know, Google rules just about every part of my online experience—I use Gmail, Google Reader, Google Maps, Google Groups, Google Talk, Google News, Google Alerts, Google's Blogger, Google Analytics, and, of course, Google Search. If an application called Google Masturbator existed, I would have it.

So when I recently read that Google launched a totally free 411 service, which can be accessed by dialing 1-800-GOOG-411, I was thrilled. Now Google could be a part of my life even when I'm away from the computer! Plus, no more $1.25 charges from Sprint 411 to get the number of my nearest Indian casino! Check it out:

Now does the free-ness of the service cancel out that fact that the only two times I've tried to use it it didn't work? The first time I was connected to the wrong business (Outback Steakhouse in Burbank instead of Glendale [don't ask]) , and the second time the computer on the other end of my phone line couldn't figure out what the hell I was saying ("Raffi's Restaurant, bitch!"). In the angry words of Stanley from The Office, "Did I stutter?!"
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  1. Solia Jacobs Said,

    ehh, it's pretty decent. i mean, you can't be too picky. it is free. haha. only problem is you have to be super articulate and super specific. oh, and don't try to use it in poor cell reception areas coz then it really sucks ass. other then that it's pretty smooth sailing.


  2. Cheryl Said,

    Maybe it was hipster Google's way of telling you not to go Outback tonight. Or any night. In any city.


  3. Marisela Said,

    "Did I stutter?" that's a line from The Breakfast Club.

    Love that movie.


  4. it's easier to use their sms service and text your request. or try 800-free-411


  5. Solia, I AM articulate!

    Cheryl, I knew I shouldn't have named Outback in that post. I knew it!

    Marisela, ah, yes, The Breakfast Club, another great one from our shared childhood....

    Watchwhathappens, texting?! What am I?! 13?! :)


  6. just *try* the sms - it's pretty cool, and you'll never be misunderstood


  7. Solia Jacobs Said,

    i wasn't saying you weren't! you are the master of articulation! *bows down* haha. I've just had that experience before when i was trying to call barnes and noble.


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