If there's such a thing as a metal fetish, I don't have it. But you have to admit that that Iron Man suit is pretty goddamn sexy. Perhaps that's why Iron Man is one of the comic books I read as a kid and kept underneath my bed alongside my beach volleyball magazines.

Aside from having a uniformly terrific cast, the film version of Iron Man also boasts cool effects (who knew suiting up would be so entertaining to watch?), a nifty script (the stripper plane!), and a sharp, wry performance by a suddenly hunky Robert Downey Jr. (yeah, I'd tap that).

Thank you, Hollywood, for not fucking this one up and getting Summer 2008 off to a good start.


  1. Did you stay through the credits?

  2. No, my friends made me leave--but I did get to see the final FINAL scene online after I found out about it. :)

  3. I made my friends stay through the credits when we saw it Saturday--they were pleased.

  4. "(who knew suiting up would be so entertaining to watch?)"

    Clearly SOMEONE didn't watch enough Sailor Moon as a 20-something.

    Also, a metal fetish, while hot, would be difficult to support (guffaw) due to the general lack of non-fictional raiment available to the general public.