Boston, DC, Minneapolis, New York--Point Me to Your Red Light Districts!

The dates and venues for Jukebox Stories' June "tour" have been confirmed, and it looks like Brandon and I will be in some crazy-ass places. I put "tour" in quotes because we're doing a mere five performances. The rest of the country scares me. Prove me wrong, people!

On June 5, we're in Minneapolis at the Bryant Lake Bowl in their basement cabaret space. According to some Minneapolisians (what the hell do you call yourselves?), it's supposed to be an awesome venue. If you're lucky, I'll let you bowl me down a lane!

On June 6, those of you who will be attending the Asian American Theater Conference in Minneapolis will be able to see a private performance of our show at the Guthrie Theatre. We can all gang up on Brandon and yell, "Get whitey!"

On June 12, we're in Washington, DC, at The Wonderland Ballroom, a multilevel bar that's proud of its beer selection. I will be sad in DC because the first male strip club that I ever went to and that remains in my memory and heart ("Wet") no longer exists. What the hell am I going to do with all the dollar bills I've been saving up?!

On June 14, we're in Brooklyn at the Living Room Lounge, a multipurpose venue that sounds way too hip for me. Are they laughing with me or at me?

And on June 15, we're in Boston at Kennedy's Midtown, an Irish pub, the location of one of my favorite Jukebox Stories performances ever. Sure, it helps when everyone's a little drunk. But, man, when they're completely wasted, it's magic!

Information for all these shows are right here. See you soon!


  1. Chicago feels slighted...

  2. I've still got an old, crusty g-string or two, if you can get past my expanding waistline to tuck in the bills.

  3. I can't prove you afraid.

    yet have a good tour and break legs.

  4. Hooray Boston! We'll see you there.

  5. I know people permanently 86'd from the Bryant Lake Bowl for bellyflopping down a lane, so the venue might not find that as funny as you'd think. Of course, you're not an asshole...

  6. i am here after all.

    you had better set a ticket aside for me.

    yes, i'll pay, you cheap bastard, but, set it aside anyway.

    then, we are going drinking.


  7. Speaking as someone from there, we usually say: "Minneapolitans." Bryant-Lake Bowl is an awesome venue, been to lots of shows there, some that I even remember! Best of luck on the "tour!"