Call It the Spider-Man Grant

More detailed information about the seven plays and playwrights that I mentored and that I previously wrote about has just been captured in an article in the Palo Alto High School newspaper.

Do you remember your high school paper days? I was one of the editors of mine (Monrovia High, can I get a "hell yeah?!"), and back then we didn't have such newfangled tools as Photoshop or the Internet. We we would be stuck at school late, spitting that damn paper out through a motherf-ing printing press! WTF?!

TheatreWorks' Playwrights' Initiative receives such unbridled praise from school staff, administration, parents, and students that I'm surprised that it always seems to be a struggle to secure funding for the project from school to school.

My suggestion? Why don't they get James Franco (Spider-Man, Freaks and Geeks) to fund the program at least at Paly for the next few decades? He used to go there and apparently revisits the campus to lift stories from students to use in the novel he's writing. Tit for tat, Harry Osborn! (James Franco could very well already be funnelling money into that school—I don't know.)

...Crap. I originally ended this blog post with that last paragraph and then I remembered that I didn't really complete it. So:

Yeah, I'd tap that.

Okay. Move along now.


  1. Me too!
    *fluttering sigh*

  2. Bah, MTV is gonna be cashing in on my life story with their new show the paper...and I'm not even going to get royalities on it.

    Oh, I remember those blissful days of hard EIC work, eating Pizza pockets, playing video games in the back room, rollin' joints, and waiting until the last second to write the ENTIRE paper. Marvelous days indeed.

  3. WOOO Monrovia? I worked on the yearbook.

  4. Oh, Peter, get in line!

    Ashley, OMG, that new MTV looks SO awesome. I have to see it,

    Chromie, Monrovia! Represent!