From the Street to the Stage

Rachel is in town, and she enticed me to accompany her to a play last night by dangling the fact that it starred a significant Tony Award-winning Broadway actress. What she didn't tell me—and what would have been the ultimate deal-breaker—was that it was a wrenching Armenian melodrama. Afterward, I yelled, "I live in Glendale!"—which boasts the largest Armenian population in the United States—"I see wrenching Armenian melodrama every time I look out my window!"

Rachel produced one of my first plays ever in New York (Seat Belts and Big Fat Buddhas in 1999), and, as Jukebox Stories attendees know, was my sidekick in my adventures at the Maury Povich show. So all has been forgiven.


  1. And here I was, tuning in for my daily dose of Thai American drama.
    Go figure.

  2. oh my GOD I want to see that show! Now that I know about it, courtesy of your blog.

    My grandmother was a survivor of the genocide and it's a significant chunk of our history.

  3. Peter, Thai American drama is ALL drama. Everybody descends from the Thais.

    Diana, it's not only wrenching; it's HORRIFYING. I was not prepared for the HORRIFYING part. Did I mention it was HORRIFYING?