I Am Not Ashamed

"Mmm Bop" by Hanson is one of the most played tracks on my computer, according to my Rhapsody music player, which chooses songs from my online library at random for me throughout the day. I am not ashamed. You bitches couldn't stop singing that song when it first debuted in 1997 either, so shut the fuck up!:

That's right. You, like me, could only decipher about six words in that entire song, but you loved it anyway. You can't get it out of your head now, can you?

And remember when you finally did look up the lyrics online? You realized how fucking profound that song is! For reals! It's an ode to deep friendships and a lament for relationships that have faded. All those "mmm bops" and "ba duba dops"? Those are supposed to be the heartbreaking sounds of people you have loved disappearing from your life.

You need more reasons not to be ashamed of your love of "Mmm Bop"? Here's three more:

First, was it not hyper-intelligent playwright Rickerby Hinds who pointed out the deep cultural significance of Hanson? Hinds, a pioneer of hip-hop theater, has repeatedly said that he remembers the exact moment he realized that hip-hop had completely infiltrated mainstream culture. When he first heard "Mmm Bop," he was floored by the song's use of record-scratching. That was it, he thought. There's no turning back.

Secondly, that music video you just saw is perhaps the finest example of what a mushroom trip is like that's ever been filmed. You see? It's educational.

Finally, have you seen the Hanson brothers lately?! Holy fuck! Four-gy, anyone?!


  1. Still reminds me of Marcia Brady in that first video, the middle brother.

  2. I love 'em. I loved "Mmm Bop" when it came out and I have not one ill word to say about the boys.

    I was at a party once with their musical director and he almost convinced me to come on tour with them as their keyboard player. I wish I woulda done it.

  3. from sheerly a musical and songwriting perspective, it's a great, solid pop song. the harmonies are fun and rock solid. it's just...good. people who diss music for random reasons or to be "cool" ("they're 3 WHITE BOYS! they can't be good!") are closed-minded idiots.

  4. "we're sorry, this video is no longer available." But I want to watch it! It looks like they're driving my car.

  5. Alan, I've posted a new video that should work for at least three hours.

    Watchwhathappens, I'm always paranoid about 3 white boys! But it worked out this time.

    Jonny, OMG! You could've been an honorary Hanson brother!

    Peter, my how they've grown.

  6. Prince,

    I never like the Hanson boys. The hair bugged me too much. They should have cut it off. Soooo annoying.

    But than you know, I'm only boyband loyal to 5ive *buff nails*

  7. I remember when Hanson first showed up and everyone was hating on the oldest one because he was "the ugly one" or whatever, and even though I didn't even start listening to them until way later, I used to tell people, "Just wait, because that one's gonna get randomly hot someday, and you're all gonna feel guilty."

    And now.