Not So Jollibee

Jonny, who blogs at Hatesexy, has just posted the single greatest entry of his blogging career. It's all about his adventures at Jollibee, a Filipino chain restaurant that serves such suspect items as "Crispy Chickenjoy" and "Juicy Yumburger."

I am accused by my friends of having no culinary savvy, dulled taste buds, and zero standards when it comes to food, but even I won't set foot into Jollibee. I love my Filipino friends and neighbors...but that shit ain't right.

I'll let Jonny explain.


  1. I love Jollibee. There used to be one across from the Metreon. Then it closed and became something else. Then that something else closed and it became a Jollibee again! Yay.

  2. I'm Pilipino and I've never eaten at a Jollibee. I'm a self-loating Flip.

  3. Jollibee is santuary, baby! LOL.