Things Younger Than John McCain

This amusing blog is not only a compendium of things that are younger than John McCain, but it's also a fascinating exploration of the history of American culture.

[Thanks to Isaac B. at Parabasis for posting this.]

Ready to be further disturbed, but for different reasons? Take a gander at this unbelievably hunky picture of a young John McCain in military garb. I'm horrified that he's kind of sexy. Absolutely horrified.

[Thanks to Jesse W. at Allegories of a Bundle of Sticks for posting this.]


  1. It has been said that insanity can alter one's appearance over time.

    As far as how hot he was back in the day...I can't think about it anymore.

  2. Wow, not gonna lie, he was kinda hot
    he scares me now
    talk about bad hair

  3. "Was" is definitely the operative word. But if you didn't know what he turned into, you'd be jacking it right now!