The Worst Album Covers Ever?

Posted by Prince Gomolvilas
ON Tuesday, May 20, 2008
There are several websites and books that compile some of the "worst" album covers ever (just do a Google search), but I think some of those covers are actually brilliant—borderline genius—in how (unintentionally) hilarious they are. This site has a gallery of 50 covers, and they all are fascinating in their own funny or bizarre or, yes, completely disturbing way. My favorites:

[Thanks to Scott Heim for sending me the link.]
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  1. Man, I thought I had the worst sixteenth birthday ever...Julie's got me beat.


  2. Room5Barker Said,

    Forget the Jesus controversy. Julie's Sixteenth Birthday is singularly the most disturbing image I have ever seen. I am afraid to sleep tonight. I believe the scene depicted on the cover is a visual representation of evil and if one were to deconstruct it, color by color, creepy detail by creepy detail, one's head would explode and the blood from the explosion would spell satanic messages on the nearest flat surface. I hear however, that the music is fantastic.


  3. Adoresixtyfour, despite that look of utter suicidal depression on her face, I think Julie's doing all right on her sixteeth birthday. She's got someone special by her side!

    Room5barker, no, you must keep staring at the album cover's brilliance! The half-empty beer mug, the partially smoked cigarette, Julie's overdone make-up job--the visual delights are endless!


  4. You're right, Prince--Julie, at least, has someone "special" with her on her "special" day. Hell, that's more than I have now.


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