Asians Are Hi-larious!; or An Alphabetical Journey of the Places I Went in (and Around) the Twin Cities, Part 4

Aside from trying to peddle Jukebox Stories to theaters across this great nation, the other reason I was at the Asian American Theater Conference at the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis was because I was part of a panel called "What Happened to Our Funny Bone?," which also featured actor Ewan Chung and playwright Michael Golamco (moderated by Roger Tang) and which explored Asian-American comedy. This accompanying photo, then, can only be described as a picture of the three funniest men in Asian-American theater.

But that's not what I care about. Whenever I'm asked to be on a panel, any panel, my goal is never to be informative or inspirational or even entertaining. All I care about, honestly, is coming across as the smartest person in the room. Who cares if it's all an elaborate ruse? It's way better to look smart than actually be smart. If you don't believe me, live a little, would you?


  1. Okay, wiping the drool off of my chin, here, from all of the witty, talented, physically attractive Asian American MAN CANDY in that photo.
    ~Sticky Pete

  2. You are smart like a Ben Sherman shirt, and everybody can tell right away.

    Who took the picture, the someone who stole the funny bone?

  3. I love how you all are avoiding eye contact with each other and the camera. It's a great moment for Asian American comedy...united by their alienation!

  4. Hey! It took years of stage experience to get such timing down.