A Big Dose of Reality

Last night I finally saw a commercial for what is sure to be the best (and gayest) reality competition series ever, High School Musical: Get in the Picture:

I am so freaking excited. I'll be blogging about each episode, and I'm planning to live-blog the finale, which will be perhaps Bamboo Nation's most crowning achievement. Hold on to your panties, readers, July 20 is just a little more than a month away!


  1. This triple wedding of amazingly popular franchises (HSM, American Idol, Nick Lachey) that we won't be able to remember 20 years from now was bound to happen. I'm very excited for all the little gay drama geeks who've been singing into their hairbrushes, because they'll definitely remember their auditions 20 years from now. For better or worse.

  2. I'm glad you recognize the artistic brilliance of this!