I'm only a third into the new Weezer album, but I had to stop to blog about track #2, "The Greatest Man That Ever Lived (Variations on a Shaker Hymn)." Holy fuck! It's epic, anthemic, multi-layered, familiar yet constantly surprising, fun, funny, beautiful. Beautiful:

I actually have to stop and not listen to the rest of the album today. I just can't go on. Do you ever get like this with anything? Or is it just me and my drama?


  1. That song got me through the end of my job search. It's crazy good and I can't get enough. I bought "Dreamin'" when I saw the single last week, and I swear it is nearly that good too. Paulina thinks that Rivers should be as cute as his voice sounds though. Alas.

  2. You're right ! that song IS addictive. I listened to it 3 times straight through ...

    I'll check out the album ...

  3. Lap, I'd tap Rivers.

    JP, I knew YOU would like that!