Buster the Bunny for President!

I have been encouraging Pork Chop to run for President of the United States of America, but he's too goddamn lazy to run for anything—except maybe a fresh bowl of food. So that dream has died. However, while on my travels in Washington, DC, a truly worthy candidate was brought to my attention, and I must use this blog to publicly voice my support. I am endorsing Buster the Bunny for President!

If you visit Buster's website, you'll learn about his history, his platform, and his pooping habits. You'll also discover that he is a gay homosexual! No other candidate can make the claims that Buster makes.

Will you vote for Buster? WILL YOU?!


  1. No, vote for Furby.
    She/he/it is way gayer!

  2. Full disclosure: I think Pork Chop is totally into Buster. They want to kitty-bunny hump.

    Supporting Furby would be like supporting the Plushie Movement.... UM...FREAKS!

  3. "They want to kitty-bunny hump."