A Conversation With Brandon Patton on the Bolt Bus From DC to New York

PRINCE: White people are funny, don't you think?

BRANDON: Funny weird or funny ha ha?

PRINCE: I'm not sure what the exact distinction is. I just want to talk about white people.

BRANDON: You have no right to talk about white people. I'm offended.

PRINCE: Hey, this country may belong to you and your kind—what, with your white privilege and all—but I am still free to speak about whatever I wish. It's part of the Constitution. It's part of the soul of the city we were just in. Brush up, honkey.

BRANDON: White people have a different Constitution than Asians. We can drink large quantities of milk, for instance.

PRINCE: Do you want me to go sit on the back of this bus?

BRANDON: No. I just want you to tell me why white people are so funny.

PRINCE: I just find it amusing that you don't recognize the social significance of me sitting here in the middle of the bus. I'm a pioneer. I'm exactly like Rosa Parks. EXACTLY.

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