Down to Two

I've been immersed in the Asian American Theater Conference (woo-hoo...details to come) at the Guthrie Theater (OH. MY. GOD...details to come) in Minneapolis, so I haven't had much time to cavort about the Twin Cities. I will have an opportunity to wreak some havoc on Sunday, so I have whittled down my list of things I want to do to two necessary activities: (1) I want to touch the Mississippi River ("No, you don't," said Brandon's friend), and (2) I want to ride the indoor roller coaster at the Mall of America ("No, you don't," said the Minneapolis audience).

Have you all not already figured out that I have bizarre priorities that must be attended to?! I'm within walking distance to the Mississippi Fucking River! What the fuck?! I have to touch that shit! I have to! And that roller coaster is inside a mall! What the fuck?! I have to ride that shit! I have to!


  1. Eh, wash your hands post touching the Mississip'

    And the coast at MOA is okay... my fav part is when you ride by people waiting to get an orange julius.

    enjoy the rest of you MN stay!!


  2. you go! Mississippi mud and all.

  3. Anonymous6/07/2008

    be sure you take a Silkwood shower with Purell after both of those events. you should go to a taping of A Praire Home Companion!

  4. You should go on the rock bottom plunge! It's scary and you get to flip two times!

  5. The area by the river where you are is one of my favorites in the city- I used to hang out in the parking lot of the Gold Medal Flour building when it was still abandoned, and now it's a museum and fancy condos, but still awfully cool. I would think touching the river by the locks under the Stone Arch bridge where it's all churned up and everything would be okay as long as you don't fall in.


    But Laura's totally right about the area you're in. Its gorgeous. One of my favorite places to get stoned back in the day, amongst the shells of old mills. Also: I worked in one of those mills for 6 months or so making sure grain shipments went out. A-Mill. You can probably see it across the river. Big white A on it.

  7. dude. totally wash your hands. ^^

    this is probably the wrong place to say this, but i verysupermuch enjoyed jukebox stories this weekend. am excited to see more of your work!

    hope you had a super time in MN. :)