Fun With Racial Profiling

Don't you love it when you get on a JetBlue plane and drop a germ-fighting Airborne tablet into a glass of water, only to be later approached by policemen with assault rifles and shoved against a jetway wall? Oh, maybe it's never happened to you, but it happens.

I love the dialogue in that article. It's like an old vaudeville routine:

OFFICER: A passenger saw you doing something suspicious.

DAVID: Like what?

OFFICER: Mixing something.

DAVID: Mixing something...? It's Airborne!

OFFICER: What's airborne right now?!

DAVID: No! the cold medication you take when you go on an airplane!

At which point they should've started trying to poke each other's eyes.

[Thanks to Angry Asian Man for posting this.]


  1. That poor poor man. I felt so bad for him.

  2. I got pulled over a year ago for this:

    Me: Hello, sir

    Po-po: Hi, so I couldn't help but notice you were drinking..can I ask you to step out while I have a look inside.

    Me: Drinking! As in an alcholic beverage?!

    Po-Po: Yes (looking at me very suspiciously)

    Me: The only think I was drinking was a bottle of Pellegrino (I show him the bottle).

    Po-Po: Oh, yeah, make sure you're not drinking while driving.

    and then he just walked away.

  3. At least he was protected from any germs he might have picked up in the slammer.

    Ashley: Recently I stepped away from a barbecue to drive to the grocery store to get more charcoal. I took my Diet Coke--in classic plastic kegger cup--with me. I'm still amazed I didn't get pulled over. I can only thank the army of taggers that hangs around my neighborhood for keeping the cops busy.

  4. racial profiling is always fun.

  5. Ah, police run-ins are so much fodder for blogging hilarity!