Fung Wah!, Part 2

I recently made fun of the Fung Wah bus line's sketchy safety history in a recent post, and, man, I discovered this morning that Fung Wah can't seem to catch a break, even when its buses are involved in accidents that aren't their fault.

First of all, look at this accompanying photo—this just happened! Right where I had been standing just one week before! According to the Times, a commercial dump truck rammed into a parked bus in Chinatown, killing one and injuring others.

I find it interesting how this story has been covered by the press. That Times headline reads, "1 Dead in Chinatown After Dump Truck Hits Bus," clearly placing appropriate blame on the dump truck. However, other news sources are more ambiguous, making it seem like Fung Wah was at fault. The Boston Globe : "Fung Wah bus involved in New York fatality." Bostonist: "Fatal Fung Wah Accident in NYC." Boston "1 Killed In Fung Wah Bus Crash." All the other headlines don't mention Fung Wah specifically, but put emphasis on the bus crashing, with no mention of the offending dump truck.

Draw your own conclusions.

[Thanks to Amy M. from Boston for alerting me to this.]


  1. omg

    i was going to be down there this morning, and put off my last trip into the city to tomorrow... i would have been RIGHT THERE AT THAT TIME!!!


  2. Lucky you! You're not that dead Chinese woman! Whew!