Hey Hey Hey!

My lifelong affinity for African-American culture, represented by my love of such icons as Riskay and What's Happening!!, came to it's logical, absurd conclusion a couple weeks ago when The Wall Street Journal reported:

A high court in South Africa ruled on Wednesday that Chinese-South Africans will be reclassified as "black," a term that includes black Africans, Indians and others who were subject to discrimination under apartheid. As a result of this ruling, ethnically Chinese citizens will be able to benefit from government affirmative action policies aimed at undoing the effects of apartheid.

If I were in South Africa right now, because of the trace of Chinese blood in me, I would be black! That's right! I am a brother! Don't fuck with me!

If this information doesn't change the fact that absolutely no black people read this blog, then nothing will. Nothing, I tell you!

[Thanks to Alan Goy for posting this.]

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