I Am Now a Sweatshop Worker; or Recapping Jukebox Stories 06.14.08 (Brooklyn, NY)

On Saturday Brandon and I performed Jukebox Stories at the Living Room Lounge, a spacious Brooklyn bar that used to be a sweatshop factory. I'm not kidding. Yes, frail little immigrant ladies sewed clothes with their bloodied and calloused hands probably right where I was standing most of the night. (An arbitrary detail? Or an apt metaphor?)


  1. You should've let their spirits take turns possessing your body so that they could briefly experience what a good moment feels like in that physical realm.
    What a performance that would've made!

  2. i did feel needles and pins in my feet..but, that could have been the new shoes.

    he fails to mention he and brandon were so effing amusing, and, someone whose name we will not mention won that murder mystery prize! (you only had to know prince's mindset to figure which of two names it could be)