Many Years Dry

Peter Varvel of Plastic Bubble World recently wrote a post about wetting the bed as a kid, something that yours truly did on occasion as a child as well. Those few times that I did traumatized me so much that even today I automatically go to the bathroom right before climbing into bed, even if I had gone just minutes earlier. I am reminded of all this because Rhapsody just randomly spit out a tune from Billy Bragg called "Dry Bed," which is one of those Woody Guthrie songs that Bragg and Wilco put music to:

Yay! That is all. Yay! Here's to my bed, which has remained dry for decades now (except for those times that Edward Norton chooses to visit my dreams—but that's a different kind of wetting. Edward, please, enough with the psychic visitations. Come see me in person.)


  1. i remember that song from long ago...woodie guthrie is someone i always loved, his lyrics are great.

    i've no idea who wilco are, but, i've ordered the two albums...

    thanks for this!

  2. Ah, you'll love those two albums. Folks uncovered all these Guthrie lyrics that had no music to them, so Billy Bragg and Wilco did the job and sang the songs. A fine preview here: "California Stars." It's brilliant.