Punk Can Give Anything Street Cred

There's been lots of great High School Musical news this year (the HSM reality show premieres next month, the sequel comes out in October, etc.), but this is really something: Skunk-Ape Records will soon be releasing, High School Musical Goes Punk, a compilation of HSM covers by punk bands. This is pretty much the greatest idea since...well...since Skunk-Ape released a compilation of Grease covers by punk bands.

The L.A.-based band, The Faded, have already released the music video for their rocking version of the usually syrupy "Breaking Free":

Lest you think there's nothing gay to talk about here, I would like to point out that this is punk. PUNK. Guys who wear eyeliner and spend more time on their hair than your average WeHo club boy. I'm just saying.

[Thanks to Brandon Patton for alerting me to this.]


  1. That's not a real punk band. That's a pop band with punk affectations. So no, HSM still doesn't have any street cred. BTW, I just laughed outloud in a public computing center at the thought of trying to bolster HSM's "street cred." That's an impossible dream, like trying to build a perpetual motion machine. But I'm no snob because I just saw Bring It On and really liked it, and now I want to see HSM since those two movies seem to share a certain sensibility.

  2. William, Bring It On is in a whole other league. It's funny, subversive, and surprisingly smart. HSM lacks irony. You have been warned.