Seattle Wants to Make Out With Me (Again)

If I ever make it up to Washington state, I'm going to visit all the Twin Peaks shooting locations with a divining rod to see if I can find gemstones that Kyle McLaughlin may have left behind. I now have good reason to go—my handy dandy Google Alert just informed me that my epic exploration of Asian America (and space aliens!), The Theory of Everything, will open SIS Productions' 2009 season in Seattle. (You know, if it weren't for Google, I would have no idea what was happening with my career.)

For no reason other than ancient Chinese intuition (yeah, there's some Chinese blood pumping through my Thai veins), I've always felt a strange affinity with Seattle, even though I've never been there or know much about the city. Seattle creamed its jeans when my Big Hunk o' Burnin' Love played there last year, so I get the feeling that the city will love me and I will love the city back and we'll make out in the backseat of a taxi.


  1. Anonymous6/04/2008

    Seattle is the best city ever in Washington state.

  2. I think you mean "divining rod". Unless you're using a rod to go diving for Kyle... oh wait. I guess you did mean diving rod.

    Twin Peaks is the best. I must watch it all again soon.

    (My last comment was too racy, too controversial for this blog, so I deleted it. That and it had a typo.)

  3. I corrected the typo, thank you.

    "too racy, too controversial for this blog"

    ...ha ha ha ha ha! As IF!

  4. Yes! Twin Peaks is the best! I am desperately awaiting its arrival so I can watch the third season and find out what happened!

  5. Amy, prepare yourself for the ending. PREPARE YOURSELF.