Southside Coffee, I Love You

People were wondering why I just didn't duck into a cool Internet cafe to work yesterday, considering the circumstances. I TRIED. They were all too crowded, too uncomfortable, too far, and/or too something—and this is coming from a man with few demands, especially since I would've welcomed almost any escape from the heat wave that ended up killing 36 people. (Okay, that last part I totally made up, but you catch my drift.)

Well, glory, glory, hallelujah, I just discovered Southside Coffee on 6th Avenue and 19th Street in Brooklyn, just two blocks away from Kellie's apartment, where I am staying. It's not crazy-ass crowded, I have lots of room at the table I'm at, it's got free wireless, everyone's friendly, and it has air conditioning and a fan. I LOVE IT HERE. I don't even care that there's nothing here on their limited menu that I actually like drinking (I don't do coffee), but I ordered a regular iced tea (I don't do iced tea either [except for Thai iced tea]) and I'm drinking it. There's a sandwich board in front on the sidewalk that says, "Tech support & relationship counseling available inside. 5 cents." I am going to cry in deep appreciation. Seriously.

I am so feeling like a my regular self again that when Rachel texted me an invite to a party, I even told her that I would consider going!—as long as there was the possibility that the people there would give me money or give me sex. You know, that's the kind of thing you can expect at parties in Manhattan, right? RIGHT?!

I'm back, people, I'm back!


  1. so is NY really crowded right now because the tony awards are on sunday? I'm working at the telecast party in LA so i'm super-excited. :)

  2. wtf

    you are in nyc NOW, and you've not CALLED ME????

    i had an extra ticket for the 'fat pig' reading last night.. you could have gone with me!

  3. Quin, I'm booked crazy and working--my only time free was Monday, and I honestly could not function as a human being. But I have a window of time between the August: Osage County matinee and the Rent evening show on Wednesday. Will you fit? Call me if you do.

  4. i would call you

    if i had a number

    you have mine, remember????