Who Needs a Movie?

Unlike "The Onion" clip I just posted, this is real. Seriously:


  1. What about Sharon's line delivery? What about the contrast of her dress and fancy hair style to the complete lack of enthusiasm in her expression?
    What about that close up of her averting her eyes? Reading cue cards, are we?
    Seriously, I'm LMAO, here!
    I love how they immediately edited Frank after the opening of "Here comes the bride."
    And is that a very brunette Sharon in the opening wedding photos?

  2. SURPRISE!!!

    fred and sharon will be at your next 'jukebox stories' to tape you and brandon!!!

    a little something from me to you.

  3. Her line reading is reminiscent of a reluctant kidnappee.

    Fitting in with the humor of Borat and Flight of the Concords, I say we pitch Fred and Sharon their own HBO show.

  4. those are some impressive production values. who *doesn't* need a semi-transparent animated dragon in their lake shot?

  5. (LMAO @ quin browne's comment)

  6. Every time I watch this, I fall in love with them more and more. I do.