You Didn't See It? What's Wrong With You?!

Posted by Prince Gomolvilas
ON Monday, June 30, 2008
For the three people would didn't see WALL-E this weekend, I would like to confirm that Pixar's new film really is that good. It's not just a visually stimulating animated picture, and it's not just one hell of a beguiling, sublime love story that will choke you up—it's also one of this year's most political films. I don't know why I'm constantly surprised by Pixar's ability to layer their narratives with complex themes, but, every time it happens, it wows me.

I originally wrote that Ratatouille is "a surprisingly complex study of creativity, artistic collaboration, and an artist's relationship to his work, his audience, and his critics." Without giving too much away, WALL-E is a surprisingly complex study of consumerism, capitalism, corporatization, and environmental crises. That said, the film miraculously manages to be both cynical and hopeful about humanity. It's a cautionary tale with a deep love for the very folks it is cautioning. See it. Love it:

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  1. Howard Ho Said,

    Saw it. It's basically Idiocracy from the robots' POV. That, and it's a lot better than Idiocracy. Still, I'd have to say it's the darkest Pixar film yet.


  2. Idiocracy is pretty damn funny though. Did you see the deleted scenes? Those are funny too! My friend Robert loves that movie, but is horribly disturbed by it because he feels it is just too too real.


  3. how Said,

    I proudly was one of maybe 5 people who saw it in the theater. They had an ultra-limited run so the studios could fulfill their contractual obligations. So no deleted scenes yet...

    And yes, I walked out questioning whether in fact I was one of the idiocrats...mind fuck!


  4. Howard Ho Said,

    That was me...I improperly signed it. Whoops!


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