"Chinglish" Is Taking Over!

It's time to step aside, bitches, and let me and my people through! According to Wired, "Chinglish" ("a portmanteau of the words Chinese and English and refers to spoken or written English which is influenced by Chinese"—thanks, Wikipedia) is taking over the world. The entire world!:

In China, this sort of free-form adoption of English is helped along by a shortage of native English-speaking teachers, who are hard to keep happy in rural areas for long stretches of time. An estimated 300 million Chinese—roughly equivalent to the total US population—read and write English but don't get enough quality spoken practice. The likely consequence of all this? In the future, more and more spoken English will sound increasingly like Chinese....

Given the number of people involved, Chinglish is destined to take on a life of its own. Advertisers will play with it, as they already do in Taiwan. It will be celebrated as a form of cultural identity, as the Hong Kong Museum of Art did in a Chinglish exhibition last year. It will be used widely online and in movies, music, games, and books, as it is in Singapore. Someday, it may even be taught in schools. Ultimately, it's not that speakers will slide along a continuum, with "proper" language at one end and local English dialects on the other, as in countries where creoles are spoken. Nor will Chinglish replace native languages, as creoles sometimes do. It's that Chinglish will be just as proper as any other English on the planet.

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  1. Ah ha ha ha!
    Diss uh make-a mee raff!

  2. haha.
    so eventually it's going to be like Firefly/Serenity?
    we better watch out for the man-eating savage reavers. outer space is tough. ><

  3. Hey, you guys, what if I started writing my whole blog in Chinglish? OMG, that would be HI-larious!

  4. I am not at all sure that Chinglish will take over the whole World, as the new global language!

    However I know that that the Beijing Olympics has appointed an Esperanto translator!

    You can check this at http://www.lernu.net