Crossing the Line

I don't know if you know, but this blog is one of my most important creative projects. I realize that the limits of geography don't allow me to satisfy you, dear readers, the way I want to satisfy you, i.e., via alpine skiing. And that's why I devote so much time and energy and sheer genius to Bamboo Nation—it's an acceptable alternative that keeps you and me sufficiently happy.

To that end, I'm going to be launching a bunch of new regular features next week. In addition to seeing all the random and surprising shit that shows up on this blog ("Oh my, what will that Prince write about today?!), each weekday will also boast a regular feature that you can rely on because we all could use a little routine in our lives. Now don't get too excited. They're not going to be crazy-ass posts like "Animal Sex Videos" or "Your Daily Pic of Prince in His Underwear." It's going to be a bit more mundane than that, variations of what you already see here but planned out a little.

But before we get to all that on Monday, I leave you with this video to kick off your weekend. Honestly, it crosses the line even for me, but you're a perv, so enjoy:

[Thanks to Richard at Proceed at Your Own Risk for posting this. If you need a user name and password to access that blog, go here and scroll down to comment #15 for the information.]


  1. I was going to leave some snarky response (such as, "Yeah, right, 'limits of geography,' cuz where you live and where I am are sooo far apart," or "'Acceptable alternative' my ass!"),
    but then I was too distracted by . . . whoa.
    Thanks to Richard, indeed!
    And I'm sure I'm not the only stalker/fan who's been itching for another Pork Chop episode on youtube . . .

  2. of course you begin to launch new features the week i'm going camping!
    haha, oh well. i'll have a lot to catch up on when i get back i guess.

    and i agree with peter, another pork chop episode would be good!

  3. Prince, whatever you do on this blog, I love. Your blog is so important to the running of my life, that I can't imagine life without it! I love your blog THAT much.

  4. Yay for new features. Entertain us! More Porkchop! Let us see your underpants! Elephant fisting: gross but informative!

  5. Peter, Solia, and William, you are so demanding. Pork Chop does not respond well to pressure. He will sit on you.

    Noel, you're lucky I can't detect sarcasm online. I would have to whoop your ass!