I Heart Bruno

Borat and Ali G make me break out in uncontrollable fits of laughter, but Sacha Baron Cohen's super gay Bruno gets extra points for mocking this country's anti-gay hysteria by tricking unsuspecting interviewees into absurd conversations that often reveal their deep prejudices. During the filming of the new Bruno feature, rowdy and drunk guys who were promised cage fights and hot chicks in Arkansas were treated to, according to The Smoking Gun, "two male grapplers (one was identified as 'Straight Dave' and wore camouflage) tearing each other's clothes off and, while in underwear, kissing down their opponent's chest. This man-on-man action triggered Fort Smith fans to throw chairs and beer at the ring, according to one cop present at the city's Convention Center." Read more here.

One of my favorite Bruno bits from Da Ali G Show is when he fools some fashion experts into being on a fake TV show. These dudes are good sports and really get into the giddy spirit of it all. And yes, Cohen, manages to make the words "train to Auschwitz" surprisingly funny:

[Thanks to Allegories of a Bundle of Sticks for posting the news item.]


  1. Omg! Was that you in the lavender striped shirt, posing as James Campbell?
    It's even funnier that the Smoking Gun article about the Arkansas cage fights had the phrase "Cohen and his CONFEDERATES," which was probably deliberate, I imagine.

  2. Wow, that video clip was amazing. It said everything I've ever wanted to say about fashion/celebrity/entertainment culture in a way that was waaaay less thesis-y than I would have managed.

  3. You know, I've seen this clip like 10 times, and I laugh every time. That giggle of his!!!!! Ha ha ha ha ha!

  4. i think cohen is one fine sexy mofo just as himself...