I Like Sandwiches

I was deliciously sandwiched between filmmakers Gabriel Fleming and Edward Gunawan at the Fusion Shorts screening, the Outfest program that featured Laundromat, in the Disney Concert Hall's REDCAT theater in downtown Los Angeles on Saturday afternoon. It would've been a perfect opportunity to go alpine skiing, but, alas, as Laundromat's representative star, I had to be on my best behavior.

To my pleasant surprise, all the other short films in the program (which were all made by filmmakers of color—REPRESENT!) were actually pretty damn good. As you know, I always go to shorts programs with a great amount of trepidation because the digital filmmaking revolution really did open the floodgates to a bunch of crap. But these movies were strong, particularly Nick Oceano's very assured El Primo (The Cousin), about a closeted teen's wild night out with his very straight, very macho older cousin; Lee Sung-eun's delightful I'm Jin-Young, about a precocious young girl who muses about lesbian sex; and Camrin Pitts's powerful Gay Bash, the moving music video for Mélange Lavonne's hip-hop song, based on on true events—check that one out here (and imagine me trying to rap it in the car afterward):

There was a Q&A after the screening, and Gabriel claims that I kept trying to grab the mike from other people so that I could get in a few cheap jokes. I refute his claims. I do.


  1. Amazing, powerful message and video.
    Thanks, Prince, for sharing this with your readers.

  2. Thanks for the feedback, Peter. I'm glad you liked it.