I Will Outlive You

I don't think my intention with this blog has ever been to make you want to slit your wrists (except perhaps when I post High School Musical clips), so I apologize in advance if the following news item is too depressing.

The United States ranks 42nd in the world for average life expectancy, according to a recent government report. The so-called American Human Development Index (AHDI) also details some other bleak and unsettling facts and figures for Americans across the country.

There is good news though. But it's not for you. It's for me. Asian-American males have the highest quality of life in the U.S., and I will probably outlive you. By as much as 13 years.

Now, while you surf the Internet for information about vitamins and supplements and nutrition, I'm going to sit back and think about all the wonderful things I'm going to do with my extra 13 years on Earth. Then I'm going to think of ways to exploit the AHDI information, like getting people to give me money to tell them all my ancient Chinese secrets.

[The original news article is here. An article that corrects some egregious errors in that previous article is here. The American Human Development Project site is here.]


  1. Aw, man. You coulda' done this post without making me all pathetically desperate in lust with all of the Asian Man Candy.
    (guess what I'll be doing with MY extra thirteen years . . .)

  2. They should start a new cable channel just for you: AMC. And 13 years will be a lot of TV-watching time for you.