Making the Story Right

On Saturday night, Brent took me to The Other Side in Silver Lake, a charming and refreshingly low-key piano bar with older gay clientele and with one wife-beater-clad hustler standing in the middle of it all. "Older gay clientele" is always appealing to me because I will inevitably be the most popular boy in the bar. Yay! I may not actually mingle with the older gay clientele (after all, some claim that my two favorite words in the English language are "barely" and "legal"), but I like feeling popular. And I like Shirley Temples.

Saturdays are reserved for a truly fantastic chanteuse named Sonji Kimmons, who backs herself on piano and whose smooth but powerful voice effortlessly sings standards, blues, soul, jazz. You'll hear her do Cole Porter and that ilk, but she'll also find some Sade and Chaka Kahn to throw into the mix. And she can do a man-done-me-wrong song like nobody's business.

I also found out that she's at Colombo's, that delightfully archaic Italian restaurant in Eagle Rock, every Tuesday, doing wonders with songs like the aching "You Can Make the Story Right" by Chaka Kahn. Request that one.


  1. Prince, are you old enough to remember when the Stone (here in Thai Town) used to be called Mugi's?
    When I still looked pre-pubescent (like you!), one of the older gaysians at EWP told me, "Oh, you would do really well, there."

    Were you the lone "wife-beater-clad hustler standing in the middle of it all?"

  2. No, I don't know Mugi's--I mean, I just only recently found out about The Stone and its glorious go-go dancers!