My Favorite Movie of the Year (So Far)

Holy fuck, you guys, so there's this little movie called The Fall that's been out for like five weeks and has barely made a blip in pop culture consciousness and even my industry friends hadn't heard of it and even I just got around to seeing it after all this time. IT IS FUCKING AMAZING, AND YOU HAVE TO GO SEE IT NOW.

The Fall follows a band of mismatched outlaws—a masked bandit, a runaway slave, an explosives expert, an Indian, and Charles Darwin (yes!)—who travel across treacherous yet ravishing landscapes and get entangled in epic battles in order to destroy the evil ruler of a mythical land. This adventure—filled with stunning, jaw-dropping images (one of our heroes rides a swimming elephant, the villain fashions dead bodies into a chandelier, etc.)—is actually a story within a story. This visually arresting tall tale (look, ma, no CG!) is framed by a narrative about an American stuntman who spins this fantastical yarn for a little Romanian girl—both strangers are confined to a hospital in 1915 after taking a nasty fall. A quick note about the actors: Lee Pace is mesmerizing as the imaginative yet depressed stuntman (and, yes, Lee Pace, will you father my children?), and the girl is played by Catinca Untaru, who could very well be the most adorable (and refreshingly real) child actor on the planet. The development of their friendship will warm your heart and then break it and pretty much fuck you up because of how beautiful it is.

The movie, directed by genius South Asian filmmaker Tarsem (perhaps best known for helming REM's "Losing My Religion" music video), of course reminded me of Pan's Labyrinth, but The Fall is decidedly not as dark and depressing. It is, however, just as layered and complex, a film that speaks to the power of imagination, friendship, and hope to heal broken bones and broken hearts.

See it on the big screen:

Look, I'll even make it easier to find a theater near you. Click here. For the love of god, Tarsem self-financed the movie, took four years to make it in 18 different countries, and took two years to find distribution. Reward that man's dedication by saving Hancock and Kit Kittredge for another goddamn weekend. This weekend make it The Fall.


  1. Holy Shit that movie looks AMAZING. It's playing at my favorite theater a few blocks away too. Now the only question remaining is if I can take Paulina...

  2. OMG, I am already telling everyone about it just based on the trailer. Why haven't we heard of this?


    Thanks Prince!

  3. LAP, well, it's been described as a children's movie for adults. It's rated R for violence. But it's far less violent than Pan's Labyrinth or Wanted. In fact, I was wondering in the theater whether is was a PG-13 or an R. I can see why they settled on R, but it's not nearly as extreme or as violent as most R movies.... Maybe make her cover her eyes during some parts?

    Jessie, yeah, lemme know what you think!

    AFTER you see the movie, you can read this amazing interview. AFTER: HERE.

  4. I made plans to watch it this coming Friday. It's playing at the Pasadena $2 theatre! Thats the closest place to me I could find.
    I can't wait!

  5. Ashley, I was going to blog about the $2 theater! I love it!

  6. You will be very happy to know that I did indeed watch this movie on July 4th at the Academy in Pasadena. It was a big coincidence as my sister wanted to watch it for the second time, but let's just say I went to watch it because of you.