On My Playlist: "I'm Checking Out" by Meryl Streep

As a huge fan of ABBA and a deep admirer of Meryl Streep, I cannot talk about Mamma Mia! (the movie or the stage musical). It would be like talking about Jesus and his cock. (Okay, that analogy doesn't really work, but I haven't said "Jesus and his cock" in a while.)

I'd like to call your attention to Meryl Streep, in fine form, singing "I'm Checking Out" at the end of the funny and poignant Postcards From the Edge, the thinly veiled story of Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds's volatile daughter-mother relationship. If you haven't seen the film, the following clip may be a spoiler (the song is a triumphant cry of victory and independence), but those of you familiar with it will be moved to cheer once again and to remember the power and the beauty of Meryl Streep:


  1. Lyrics by Shel Silverstein! This is a great example of the movie and the book differing, but being equally great. It helps that Carrie Fisher did the adaptation too. I love when Meryl is fun like this.

  2. I hear she sings in Prairie Home Companion too. Did anyone see it? Will I like it even though I can't stand Mr. G. K.?

  3. She's very good in Prairie Home Companion, but even if it's like a pretty good version of the show, it's still totally Prairie Home Companion. But that's why there's scene selection, and Lily Tomlin is also excellent in most of Meryl's scenes.

  4. i

    there, i confessed. i lasted 10 minutes, and my friend, ashley, said the look on my face was of such horror, she took pity, and we snuck into wall-e, where i cried at the end.

    streep can sing, though, not that i waited to hear her, here.

  5. Laura, I think maybe I'll just YouTube it then. Thanks!

    Quin, I know, dear, I know.