Shirtless? The Horror, the Horror!

Remember that calendar of bare-chested Mormons that I told you about last year? Well, the mastermind behind the venture has just been excommunicated from the Mormon church, and the 12 hunky models have been called to disciplinary action. Ya think?!


  1. Was it because they did - or didn't? - keep on the special, sacred underwear when they posed shirtless?

  2. you have to pick on them, don't you.

    tsk, tsk, tsk.

    next thing you know, you'll be saying some priests have a thing for young boys.

    on a serious side, what did the guy expect? i mean, really.

    it is like a priest getting married, and being shocked he was kicked out of the church.

  3. I recently saw a play about being Mormon and gay. Man, they are tough...pretty much you have to be celibate, "convert," or you are out. The play seemed to condemn those practices, surprising given that the show was put on by a church.