"The Wackness" Is Not the Wackness

So everybody's talking about Heath Ledger's performance in The Dark Knight (something that I am unable to talk about), but my vote for Performance Everybody Should Be Talking About (as well as Boldest Career Move) this year goes to Josh Peck, who stars in The Wackness—an indie film about a teenage pot dealer who also trades drugs for therapy sessions with Sir Ben Kingsley, who happens to wield a bong like nobody's business and who dry humps one of the Olsen Twins to disturbing (comical?) effect.

Josh Peck is better known as the fat kid in the hugely popular Nickelodeon sitcom, Drake & Josh, which helped turn the swoon-worthy Drake Bell into a TV star (with several Kids' Choice Awards to his name) and an up-and-coming singing sensation. Peck could've gone the route of his High School Musical contemporaries and tried to cross over by making safe choices right out of the gate, but he completely commits to the decidedly non-mainstream edginess and naughtiness of the R-rated Wackness, giving a performance that is startling in its honesty, charm, and rawness. Anybody who's witnessed the broad, broad, broad comedy of Drake & Josh would be hard-pressed to easily imagine that Josh Peck could pull off a role so real and understated. But he does.

Josh Peck is also further proof that you should never make fun of the fat kid at your school because he started out as this...

...and has now transformed into this...

Yes, I know. He is FREAKING HOT. How the fuck did that happen?! And why is my vagina wet?

Josh Peck, I definitely look at the dopeness, not the wackness, and you are the dopeness. Have your way with me.


  1. I don't know how you do it, Prince, but you somehow get me interested in stuff I'd consider spending cash on...

    Maybe it's that Cute Boy thing we both have, eh? (though there IS something really DIRTY about Ben Kingsley in this... sigh!)

  2. Oh, yes, that Sir Ben is nasty. But you will enjoy his performance. You'll be all like, "HE did Gandhi?!"

  3. I've been totally WAITING for this very review. I've heard nothing but good things about this movie, and I think Josh Peck is making some interesting choices in general. He plays an out and out bad guy in Drillbit Taylor, and now is looking so transformed into hotness much like the difference in David Krumholtz from 10 Things I Hate About You to Numbers.. (admittedly, I liked Krumholtz full on youthful geeky too). I remember when both Josh and Drake Bell were merely Amanda Byne's sidekicks on the Amanda Show- and now here they all are growned up and so pretty! I feel weird and wrong inside over my changing interest in both Drake and Shia LaBeouf frankly, but that's a secret that I only disclose to you, the man for whom youthful lust is no shame.

  4. Laura, pure lust should be shameful to no one. NO ONE! So lust. LUST!

  5. I saw it opening day. Couldn't place Josh until this post. HOT!

  6. So I was watching the clip with Paulina, and then we watched an interview, where this guy said Josh was amazingly authentic, and was he really a "b-boy" and Paulina started giggling hysterically and said "he was watching POWER RANGERS in the 90's!" (which was a quote from Josh earlier in the interview) "he had LIGHTS in his SHOES. I had lights in my shoes when I was FOUR."


  7. OMG, that clip is so adorable.