You Know You Love Her...or Do You?

You probably already know who she is, and you've probably already seen her YouTube videos, and you've probably already acknowledged that you first heard about her when South Park parodied her some seasons back, and you probably already realize that for a measly $3 you can can get her to sing to you live over the motherfucking phone, but, because you love her so, it doesn't hurt to revisit the magic and the beauty of...Wing.

Seriously, though, I sometimes don't know what to think of her. I think it's like the first time you have anal sex ("Do I like this? Is this good? It kind of hurts. It really hurts. But why do I want it to go on? I don't know how the fuck I feel about it."):

Amazing audio clips ("9 to 5," anyone?) are on her official MySpace page.

[Thanks to Ewan for reminding me she exists. I think.]

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