Your Very Own "This American Life"

Radar Online lets you create your very own Ira Glass narration with its This American Life story generator! It's like Madlibs for the NPR set. Here's my episode (read it in Ira Glass's voice for maximum effect):

In today's This American Life....

Act 1: Prince Gomolvilas, an expatriate rock star and regular This American Life contributor, finds out he has involuntary erections when he's about to go on a road trip to Ira Glass’s ass. He takes the road trip anyway.

Act 2: Ira talks about foreskin fondling when he was a kid, and how the experience taught him the importance of trusting one's instincts. Years later, this lesson comes in handy, as it figures prominently in a commencement speech he gives at Pasadena City College.

Act 3: When a crew of pumping priests who are also practicing Scientology find out that refugees from Canada have been forced to settle in their hometown of Austin, Texas, they decide to buck the trends and bring them into the small-town fold. Cross-cultural understanding blooms in unexpected ways, as the two groups meet nightly in the local Applebee's to discuss a shared love for ALF reruns.

Finally, Act 4: Ira talks to Candy Rosenthal, who was raised as an orthodox Jew and who made a pivotal break with her faith at a Dodgers game.

Create your own here.

[Thanks to Jason at Smarter Than the Average Bunny for posting this.]

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  1. I just read a review of how the Ira Glass-edited New Kings of Nonfiction anthology barely includes any women. So the time was right for some making fun of Ira. As much as I love him.