Abercrombie & Fitch and the Hierarchy of Hotness

After losing a $40 million lawsuit to a group of minorities wronged by Abercrombie & Fitch's discriminatory hiring and advancement practices (after all, "all-American" means "white," right?), the clothing chain (known for ads that I use as spank material) is in hot water again. Some highlights from today's Dallas Morning News report:

Kristen Carmichael discovered she didn't fit the clothing store's self-described "sexy, effortless style" when she was pulled from a sales position on the floor of the North Park Center store and shoved back to the stockroom to fold clothes.

This was after they'd rated her face....

Sales people function as the store's advertising and are handpicked by current employees, said Joshuah Welch, a 26-year-old Dallas resident, who was hired two weeks ago as a manager and told to recruit people who walked into the store looking "all-American, clean, wholesome, or the girl or boy next door." He said stocking employees, on the other hand, are told not to speak to customers.

"It's a hierarchy of hotness," he said....

A weekly "secret shopper" evaluation posted in the back room also focuses on appearance. Employees receive one point for a "yes" to the questions, "Was the person in the women's front room attractive?" and "Was the cashier attractive?"

Because, you know, beauty is not in the eye of the beholder.

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By the way, that "hierarchy of hotness" guy? Here's his MySpace page.

Bonus footage! His way gay Big Brother interview:


  1. yeah, 'reasons to be pretty'

    stuff like this just makes me grind my teeth.

    they've approached my daughter, when she was shopping....

    this is why i adore my kids, she looked the guy up and down, and said,

    "you've got to be kidding. wear your shit clothes? nah."

  2. Ha ha, your daughter is FIERCE!

  3. Dude, I have a high tolerance for corporate bullshit, but rating employees on an ugly to pretty scale? That's fucked up.

  4. Peter Kuo8/27/2008

    That's Josh from Big Brother 9! I love that T.V. show! I'm obsessed. It's like my favorite thing. He was coupled with this guy name Niel, but Niel had a familiar emergency so he got coupled with this girl named Sharon, but then the couples split apart and he came in 7th place. He's really sassy...

    Sorry...what? Something about Ambercrombie & Fitch? I got distracted.

  5. Peter, why don't you stalk him on MySpace? Oh, right. You already have.

  6. Peter Kuo8/28/2008

    That's okay, I met him in person very briefly...he was very sassy. VERY Sassy! You two must know each other!