Barack Obama's Speech; Plus, an Important Election Poll

Okay. It was a good speech. But for my money, I think Hillary Clinton made a better case for Barack Obama than Barack Obama. The one-two punch of her and Michelle Obama hit me in the gut and affected me emotionally unlike any of the other speakers I saw or heard at the Democratic National Convention. Grrrrrl power! And now I understand why 54% of my readership is straight women. We feel the same feelings! We think in the same ways! Our vaginas get wet at the same man sights!

I always assume I'm preaching to the converted here, but maybe I'm not. Is my readership more varied than expected? Are there any McCain supporters out there? Anywhere? I really want to know. Don't be afraid. I won't mock you. Take this poll now:

And was I the only one who was thinking after tonight's speech, "Man, Barack and Michelle are gonna have some hot sex tonight!" Is that wrong?


  1. can you amend your poll for people who DON'T vote?

  2. Sure, I can.

    But I'm too lazy to do it.

  3. oh, the kids say.