By the Way, My Mother's a Republican

Lest you think Bamboo Nation's seemingly "liberal agenda" serves to undercut conservative readers and weed out the Republicans, I just wanted to point out that my own mother may call herself an Independent but she's actually as Red State as they come. She voted for George Bush twice, and the only reason she's going to vote at all in this election is because Sarah Palin was chosen as the Republican Vice Presidential nominee. So my mom's now willing to back John McCain.

It's not that I don't sometimes feel compelled to beat some sense in to her, but I'm not quick to villify a whole class of people. I mean, what would that say about my lineage?

Put simply, all are welcome here (no matter what I try to do to get rid of you, what, with all those half-naked man pics I post and all.)


  1. Sterling9/01/2008

    Oh Matthew Mitcham

  2. My mother is also a republican, and I've avoided speaking to her since the Sarah Palin Saga began, for fear of what senseless dribble she might utter (my mother, not Palin).

    That said, I continue to want to lick Matthew Mitcham all over.



  3. Could you repeat that, please?
    I couldn't hear you over the roar of my raging hard-on.